Wednesday, September 23, 2009


~A big thank you goes out to Thrifty Decor Chick! I won a picture from one of her fabulous giveaways! I am so excited to put a bomobob photo in our home! I have needed a picker upper after the past few weeks.
~Lets just start off with my husband thinking he was having a heart attack. That was very scary but I am happy to say after an overnight stay in the hospital it turns out that he just had a severe case of heartburn. Then my porcelain on my crown chipped off my tooth (did I mention it just happened to chip off into my gums) which then = paying the dentist 500+ for it to be repaired, our kids were both sick.
~So with all of my complaining over with the bright side is that my husbands recent stress test went well they said his heart was healthy, My new crown will be in, in a couple of weeks, The kids are both now well and feisty as ever!
~ Isn't it funny how some times when we are in the moment things may not seem like they will get better, but then they do and we are thanking God that they did. I am realizing I need to thank God even when things are not so great, that some times we may not get what we ask for but the Lord knows just what we need.

From My Hart To Yours,


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Sweet and Savory said...

Congratuletions on your win. It's fun to win.