Thursday, September 3, 2009

Blueberry Extravaganza!

~I am so sorry this post has taken forever and a day to appear on my blog! Life happened but I am finally able to show you what the products were from all of our Blueberry Fun! I have to tell you all that these were the biggest blueberries I have ever seen! Some were almost as big as a Quarter!

~So some of you guessed correctly! We made a Blueberry Pie! It was so yummy and was gone within 24 hours. I am kind of proud of my first blueberry pie and my kiddos of course ate it without any arguing!

Look Ma no hands!

~We also washed and froze a bunch so we could make blueberry pancakes! My hubby loves to make breakfast on the weekends so he made some blueberry pancakes so I could show you all how good they look!

~We made chocolate covered blueberries. However there is no picture because I was to busy eating them to worry about such a thing. Plus we made a lot of muffins! We made blueberry, blueberry banana, blueberry banana chocolate chip and blueberry chocolate chip. I think I have gained five pounds since we went blueberry picking =).

~Last but not least we made blueberry jam! Also a first in the Hart household. It was so easy and is so good. I know I keep saying that these things are all good but how can you go wrong with blueberries?!

~I hope you all enjoyed Blueberry Extravaganza! I also wanted to say hello to all of you who have decided to follow our blog! It has been fun so far and I am excited to learn more about blogging as time goes by. Hope you all had a great Labor Day!

From My Hart to Yours,



Bar-b said...

super blueberry loot! You are crafty and resourceful. Wow. Anyhow, just stumbled upon your blog by clicking "next blog" on the top of my eblogger blog page. Just stopping by to say Hi.

Mouseymom said...

Hi! I just noticed that you follow my blog! I am honored and quite curious as to how you came upon my blog! I enjoyed reading about your family and all your blueberries!!

Rebecca said...

What a treat, love the pie. Muffins are the thing in our house with blueberries, the boys wolf them down before they even cool.
Big Hugs

Mouseymom said...

hi! i just got your comment on my blog and I laughed. I am honored that you are following my blog. You are the first "follower" that I don't know! So that is exciting for me! :)

Candy said...

WOW those are the plumbest BB ever. And what yummy dishes you've made to share. Welcome to my following friends and I look forward to more sharing in the future ;-)

Victoria@WhimsybyVictoria said...

You know blueberries are one of my favorites...why do we have to live so far away?! Everything looks so delicious...I know from experience, I am sure it was! Thanks for showing so many ways to enjoy quarter size blueberries, a great abundance!

Love you friend,

Nancy said...

Hi! Thank you for being my first follower! You made my day...THANK YOU! Now we have to talk about those YUMMY blueberry and is a girl supposed to be strong with photos like those! ;)

Madeline said...

Looks delicious! Blueberries are our favorites around here. I think those blueberry pancakes are calling my name.

Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick said...

YUM! I love blueberry anything! I wanted to try to contact you again -- you won the art giveaway on my blog a couple weeks ago! If you can e-mail me, I'll get you in touch with Bob. Thanks!

Sweet and Savory said...

I never would have t hought of blueberries and chocolate. If it has chocolate, it has to be good.