Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Our Girl

This is "Our Girl ". We will lovingly call her princess here. She says some of the cutest things. Here are some of our favorites:
~Princess "You want to have A TINKER BELL birthday party for meeeee?" (Actually for my birthday =)~

~Princess when the sun was setting "I just want the sun up" talking to her daddy because he can fix anything!~

~When husband was finishing dinner Princess states "Daddy times up your done!"~

~Erin "Princess what do you want for Christmas?" Princess "A tiny, tiny, tiny tree with lots and lots of ornaments and a star on top!"~

~Princess "Daddy makes the money!" Husband "So what does mommy make?" Princess "Daddy makes the money and Mommy makes the KIDS!"~

~Princess at dinner "Mommy you need to get some water so we can cheer !" Erin "I need to get some water so I can be excited like you?" Princess "No mommy we need to cheer!" Erin "Do you mean I need to get some water so we can put our cups together and say cheers?" Princess "Yes Mommy I want to do cheers with you!"~


From my Hart to Yours,

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LaurieStar said...

What a cute post. I have a little one who says funny things too. It's good to write them down before you forget, like you've done. They're great to read later! :)