Thursday, May 20, 2010

MY Crazy Life

Dandelion Patch

Feeding the Goats

On the Farm playing in the dirt!

Daddy and the kiddos


I think this picture says a lot!
There is a lot to complain about but I dont really want to go there so I will just say God is good all the time and leave you with some pictures!

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Sarcastic Quilter said...

God is good and the more I remind myself to trust in Him, the better I feel. Although, I tend to have a good and sarcastic relationship with Him. I'll ask a question, and if I hear an answer, I'll be good and listen and follow and then... then I ask, "what now?" I'm convinced His silence is his humor directed toward my impatience. :) I love Him, I do... but I also believe He likes his mysterious ways more than my doubting and questioning heart/intellect can stand sometimes! hehe

Hang in through the tough, I'm sure you will come out stronger on the other side just as you are meant to!